Aspirin, Coffee, Sleeping In, Menudo, Warm Beer … None Of Those Will Help With This Awful ‘Hangover’

“The Hangover Part III” features some cheap laughs, but it’s low on fun, lower on adventure and lowest on plot.

If you thought the second “Hangover” was lazy, don’t see “The Hangover Part III.”

Where’s the sense of adventure? The surprise plotlines? Extreme profanity?

We’re The Three Best Friends That Anybody Could Have

“The Hangover Part III”

Director: Todd Phillips

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong, Heather Graham, Jeffrey Tambor, Justin Bartha, John Goodman

Running time: 100 minutes

Rating: R

Budget: $100 million

Hell, the second film was a copycat of the original that relied on stale jokes, nudity of all kinds and foul mouths. “Part III” tried to form a story on its own and falls flat on its face.

The film leans on the stupidity of Alan (Zach Galifianakis) way too much — his behavior is worse than erratic — but without it, the Wolfpack wouldn’t get back together. Bradley Cooper’s Phil isn’t the alpha leader he once was (he really is muzzled in this film, it feels like a paycheck performance by Cooper). Stu (Ed Helms) is still a wuss, however, not a big enough one to warrant gut-busting chuckles.

Chow (Ken Jeong) returns for comic relief and to stir the plot (as usual). Doug (Justin Bartha) gets separated from the Wolfpack, spending most of the movie on the sidelines (as usual). Raising hell in the third installment is Marshall, played by John Goodman, an outlaw who’s out to track down his stolen gold that he himself stole.

Naturally, the Wolfpack gets involved in something it shouldn’t. The group travels to various locales (Tijuana and Las Vegas, of course). Characters from the previous two “Hangovers” pop up randomly with very little explanation and not that many laughs.

If you’re a diehard “Hangover” fan then see this. If you’re just a casual movie observer, skip this. Seriously, if the film didn’t have the “Hangover” franchise attached to it, it would be a subpar movie that simply wouldn’t get made. Director Todd Phillips has regressed since the original.

“Part III” has absolutely nothing new to add to the trilogy nor movies in general. The final installment is tagged as the finale of the trilogy. Good thing because a fourth “Hangover” will only get flat like a two-liter of soda left capless for an entire week. Try drinking that down.

Cooper will continue to thrive in leading roles while Galifianakis should get supporting funny man assignments.

Maybe a part for Mike Tyson could have helped. “Part III” needed something because it’s just so-so. As forgettable as “Part III” is, make sure to stay after the beginning of the end credits to see something that’s actually comical.

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