Brains x Beauty x Availability Equals Hotness?

Some funny math is going on at Daily Girth. Is this formula the secret to women everywhere?

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Women, like everything else in the universe, abide by the laws of physics and here are some formulas to prove it. For example, Murphy’s Laws state that Brains x Beauty x Availability = Constant. This constant is always zero.

This is used as a general rule which does not apply to these mathematical theories.

In physics we have kinetic energy which is the energy of an object in motion, and potential energy, which its maximum possible energy at a given moment. This could be applied to women as such.

Women are always in motion so the natural rating of her appearance shall be her kinetic beauty equivalent. Most women stress hours focusing on how to improve their looks and the maximum average beauty can be labeled as potential. So here we have our first equation:

PB = [(m/ke)/s] or potential beauty is equal to mass divided by kinetic beauty over their average speed.

Let’s say a girl is naturally a five, not fugly, but does not receive a second glance either. We take her assumed mass, let’s estimate 105 pounds. So 105/5 = 21. Now, since she is not overweight or disabled, we can assume her walking speed is 3 mph since that is the standard human walking speed. We get 21 pfs2 /3 mph = 7, which shows us that she has potential of becoming and retaining an attractive 7.

Adjust speed and mass accordingly as it differs per person.
Speaking of walking, you can take out your handy protractor to determine the “degree of sluttiness” based on their hip motion for a set period of time.

When a babe is on the prowl or just seeking attention from men, they put on revealing clothing and when they walk, the female waddles her tail feathers. Based on how far the centrifugal motion occurs, you determine how hard she is trying. However, this is not to be confused with women of natural bodacious posterior, but I have adjusted for such events.

Stand directly behind the subject. Take out your protractor and align the straight edge to the base of her spine, 90 degrees is to be perpendicular to the floor. As the subject walks, focus on a lower central point on the ass as it swivels back and forth. Record her maximum angle and from that use this scale:

Waist Size — Minimum Degree Value To Be Promiscuous

Size 0-7 — 10

Size 7-14 — 15

Size 15+ — 30

Hopefully, this first installment of female math will help you to better understand the opposite sex. In our next lesson we will delve into how the quadratic formula can get you laid.

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