Daily Girth’s Manti Te’o-Like Prank Years Before He Got Catfished

It’s not too difficult to fool people on the Internet. Making them believe for an extended amount of time, well, who’s the bigger fool, the deceived or the deceiver?

After high school, college life affords you certain freedom. No more 8 a.m. classes (unless you want them), coming and going as you please, and of course, shenanigans whenever you damn well fucking please.

One day, a friend and I decided that our shenanigan of choice was to create a fake e-mail account to pop off randomly at my friends. I knew everything about them. Might as well fuck with them, right?

Our grade school mascot was the Bruins. My e-mail name was Naughty Bruin. Yes, I know, it sounds like something you’d see on a sex site.



It catfished my friends though.

“Hi, there, remember me,” and then I’d rant on about details only people who we went to school with would know.

For the next couple of weeks it was hilarious to hear my buddies ask, “hey, did you get an e-mail from Naughty Bruin?” They actually responded to e-mails with “hi, how’s it going” and the most important question, “who are you?”

This was good fun for a couple of weeks only. I decided to end the hoax by telling them to send me their full name, address, phone number and Social Security number. The payoff would that we would have access to “special e-mails,” whatever the fuck that was.

One of my friends actually sent all the information except for the Social Security number. “Uh, I won’t give you that,” he wrote. The rest of my friends ignored that ridiculous query.

This was just a couple of weeks of bullshitting. You’d have to be a total loser to keep up such a ruse for years.

How fucking stupid is Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o? He either got duped or went for publicity. His story doesn’t add up. Who in the fuck did he talk to over the phone? What a delusional-ass motherfucker.

The NFL should seriously examine the mental competence of such a person. If Te’o were to come clean and say, yeah I did this to get attention for a Heisman campaign (which worked) and to bring more visibility to the Notre Dame program. Bravo, if that was the master plan.

But if this was a hoax, come on, not even lovestruck middle schoolers would believe that bullshit for so long.

Hey, Manti, can I have your Social Security number for “special e-mails?”

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