Dear Byron Scott …

An open letter to the Los Angeles Lakers’ coach and former player.

Dear Byron Scott,

Do you have some sort of handshake agreement with Lakers owner Jim Buss or general manager Mitch Kupchak to drive this team into the ground?

You did a fine job last season with a bunch of castaways and misfits, most of which aren’t on the team anymore.

Congratulations, the Lakers did so poorly, they kept the No. 2 pick in the draft.

This was a job well done.

byron scott


But this year’s team has some problems. Thankfully, you aren’t the biggest problem. Byron, take charge. Because indirectly, you are responsible for problem No. 1: Kobe Bryant.

Even the most devoted Lakers fans know that the Mamba is running on fumes. He is hurting the team badly. Today, an ESPN chart showed that 41 NBA players have shot at least 100 jumpers. Guess what? Kobe is No. 41 on that list.

Any coach with some smarts (and stones) would change that immediately. If a player is struggling, they shouldn’t have carte blanche to just jack up clunkers whenever thy want.

The bench would be their destination.

Right now, Kobe Bryant is that first car you bought 20 years ago that you don’t want to part with. It’s draining your bank account just to keep it running. You hope when you wake up in the morning it’ll start. Every day’s a new adventure!

Byron, there’s also the matter of not playing the No. 2 pick in the draft, D’Angelo Russell. Um, why is that?

Imagine a young Kobe Bryant having to team up with an aging veteran who can’t shoot straight, you think he’d be fine with what’s happening? Russell should be raising hell.

Get Russell some playing time. Let the kid make some mistakes. Kobe Bryant makes plenty of them and he gets to play.

With this much young talent, the Lakers seemed destined to improve on last season’s win-loss record. Cut Kobe’s minutes, increase Russell’s and give Lakers fans the appearance that you’re trying to win.

Oh, by the way, this doesn’t diminish your contribution as a Lakers player. You were a badass. Foolish young Lakers fans think Derek Fisher deserves to have his number retired. Ha! Laughable! He wasn’t half the player you were.


Mike Cervantes
Editor in Chief, Daily Girth

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