Dear Derrick Rose …

An open letter to the Chicago Bulls star who let his team down when they needed him the most.

Dear Derrick Rose,

You are a punk.

Way to let your team down. You were cleared to play around the All-Star break, yet you sat.

derrick rose


The regular season ended and you sat.

First round series started and you sat.

Second round came around and you sat.


You scared? Don’t give me this muscle memory junk. Imagine the way Bulls home crowds felt seeing you warm up, work up a sweat then dressing — in a suit rather than a uniform.

Why is it that Iman Shumpert, a guy who got hurt with the exact injury as you on the same day managed to make it back before the season ended?

Shumpert not only came back, but he started and was able to do this:

Muscle memory that.

Rose, you let your team down. Plain and simple. You suck.

You are such a joke, NBA fans believe that Kobe Bryant will come back before you. Kobe got hurt in April of this year or about two months after you were supposed to come back.

True, the Bulls still wouldn’t have been able to beat the Miami Heat. But it would have been close. Your team always plays hard, sack up and match their intensity.

Look at David Lee of the Golden State Warriors. He was supposed to be out the rest of the playoffs. But he made t back to at least help off the bench.

At least play a few minutes, man.

Ever heard of Willis Reed?

What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

We’ll see what happens next year. Come on, Rose, the NBA world isn’t asking too much from you. It’s not like you have to take an SAT or anything like that.


Mike Cervantes
Editor in Chief, Daily Girth

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