‘Dexter’ Prepares Its Final Cut

Showtime’s brightest series ends its run after eight seasons. Murder has never been so justified.

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It started with the Ice Truck Killer. A crazy ex, vengeful politician, Trinity, suit, Doomsday, the leader of the Koshka Brotherhood and now the Brain Surgeon, have followed.

Congratulations, Dexter Morgan.

The world is a better place thanks to Dexter, the father, brother, friend, widowed husband, blood splatter analyst, and oh, yeah, monstrous serial killer.

When Showtime debuted “Dexter,” it continued the tradition of anti-heroes leading the charge of TV supremacy. It was a novel concept of a serial killer playing the lead. Since when was murder OK?

In the capable hands of Dexter it was more than OK, as the truly evil felt the vicious knife of justice speared into their chest. This was the justice the law could never dispense.

Dexter hasn’t always dispatched his antagonists, however, the journey was always watchable. Jordan Chase in season five never tasted Dexter’s wrath. Nor did Isaak Sirko. The best seasons of “Dexter” are behind him.

Without a doubt, the best seasons were one, two and four. Dexter battled Brian Moser, his own brother, also known as the Ice Truck Killer. In the second season, his crazy girlfriend Lila West became the target. The co-antagonist however, was one of Miami Metro’s finest, Sgt. James Doakes.

Very few characters in TV and movies could curse like Doakes. Motherfucker wasn’t just a word to Doakes, it felt more like muscle, it had meaning. And Doakes sure had the muscle to mean what he said.

Season four was the most devastating of all, as Dexter battled Arthur Mitchell, a monster otherwise known as the Trinity Killer. This wild season produced by far the most shocking of finales.

“Dexter” helped establish Showtime as a major player in the Sunday night TV battles. Before, HBO had control of top content. Thanks to “Dexter’s” lead, Showtime has the edge. Daring dramas and intriguing comedies pace Showtime now.

Look at “Homeland.” This show flexed so hard its first season, it won the Emmy for Best Drama. Showtime also boasts “Californication,” the David Duchovny dramedy about a writer who’s always getting into shit. “Shameless” is another show that features story lines that are indeed shameless; they’re interesting, funny and sexually charged though (it also doesn’t hurt that cutie Emmy Rossum gets naked a lot).

HBO still has excellent programming as does Starz, AMC and FX. The old networks can’t match the strength of cable series.

The ascension of Showtime was led by Dexter’s expert cuts. His blade will retire now and be glad it was a fun ride, much more adventurous than a stroll on the Slice of Life — Dexter’s boat, which he used to dispose of bodies (unless of course, disposing of bodies is your thing; if it is, get help, otherwise Dexter might come to get you).

We will miss “Dexter.” Blood never looked so beautiful.

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