What Disney characters would be perfect for a new “Kingdom Hearts” game? Read on to find out.

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In Square Enix’s “Kingdom Hearts” series, Sora (the main character) teams up with Donald Duck and Goofy to battle evil. Along the way, they’ve received help from Aladdin, Ariel, Peter Pan, the Beast and many other Disney heroes.

The new “Kingdom Hearts” game is out in North America on the Nintendo 3DS. Here is a list of Disney good guys who could help in the next version of “KH.”


Origin: “Gargoyles” (1994)
Primary weapons: Brute strength, gliding
Archenemy: David Xanatos

He’s the kind of monster you want on your side. Goliath could clear the room of bad guys just as fast — if not faster — than the mighty Beast.

Gizmo Duck

Origin: “Ducktales” (1989)
Primary weapons: Speed, flight, armor and an entire arsenal of weapons
Archenemy: Flintheart Glomgold

Glomgold means nothing to Gizmo Duck. However, Glomgold is Uncle Scrooge’s nemesis and Gizmo Duck is Scrooge’s personal protector. Gizmo Duck is just about indestructible, he would definitely come in handy against the forces of evil.

Darkwing Duck

Origin: “Darkwing Duck” (1991)
Primary weapons: Stealth, disguises, gas gun
Archenemy: Negaduck

Since Darkwing is a parody of comic book stories from long ago he also has a plethora of baddies to take on. Darkwing is relentless, but not invincible. Good thing he’s just like Batman, a ton of weapons at his disposal and a ton of experience fighting crime.


Origin: “Toy Story” (1995)
Primary weapons: Bare hands, horse riding, leadership
Archenemy: Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear

A “Toy Story” level in “KH” would be cool and leading the charge into that fight would have to be Woody. Too bad he wouldn’t be able to help that much. That’s OK because …

Buzz Lightyear

Origin: “Toy Story” (1995)
Primary weapons: Martial arts, flight, laser, grappling hook
Archenemy: Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear

The “Toy Story” level would have to feature both main characters. Buzz would do all the heavy lifting, saving Woody from tight spots. He would also be great backup for Sora.

Mr. Incredible

Origin: “The Incredibles” (2004)
Primary weapons: Super strength, confidence
Archenemy: Syndrome

Mr. Incredible is another guy who can just clean house. Enemies wouldn’t stand a chance against him. He would probably be better served to help out in later levels when your opponents are a lot stronger.

Robin Hood

Origin: “Robin Hood” (folklore as early as 1422, Disney film 1973)
Primary weapons: Bow and arrow, disguises
Archenemy: Prince John

If Maid Marian is in trouble, Robin Hood is with you until the end. His skill with the bow and arrow would come in hand against bad guys who are quick.

Kim Possible

Origin: “Kim Possible” (2002)
Primary weapons: Intelligence, martial arts, extreme athleticism
Archenemy: Doctor Drakken

Kim might be a little similar to Robin Hood because stealth is a major part of her skillset. That’s OK, maybe the two of them could team up and help Sora in a level that might be a tough squeeze for more clumsy characters.


Origin: “The Jungle Book” (book 1894, Disney film 1967)
Primary weapons: Quickness, knowledge of the jungle
Archenemy: Shere Khan

Too little, that’s fine, his quickness and jungle smarts will be more than enough to get help Sora out of a jam. Mowgli is no Tarzan, but his feathery touch could come in handy as opposed to raw strength.


Origin: “The Jungle Book,” “TaleSpin” (book 1894, TV show 1990)
Primary weapons: Bare hands, flying the aircraft called the Sea Duck
Archenemy: Don Karnage

There’s a lot “KH” can do with Baloo. Maybe a flying level similar to the Peter Pan stages in which Sora magically soars (thanks to Tinker Bell’s pixie dust). Baloo’s sometimes erratic piloting of the Sea Duck might just be effective against hordes of enemies.


Origin: “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” (2003)
Primary weapons: Sword
Archenemy: Jack Sparrow

Barbosa is already a boss at the end of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” stage in “KH II.” But as we all know, Barbosa is a good guy in every “Pirates” film after that so why not have one of the nastiest dudes around give Sora a hand.

Below is footage from “KH II” so you can get a feel of how Disney heroes perform in action.

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