WrestleMania 29 Doesn’t Live Up To Last Year’s Hype

We’ve seen The Rock vs. John Cena already and the rest of the card is just so-so.

10-Ton Meteor Strikes Russia; Shockwave Injures Nearly 1,000

Crazy footage of a gigantic meteor and the deafening sonic boom after its arrival.

Dr. Girthlove Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Make A Valentine For Susan Glenn

A last-ditch effort to woo Susan Glenn comes in the form of a homemade card.

Back-To-Back SI Covers For Kate Upton

Sports Illustrated has its first repeat cover model since Tyra Banks in 1996 and ’97.

Once Again, The Rock Brings It

The WWE championship match upstages the actual Royal Rumble of the namesake event.

Confessions Of A McRib Virgin

DG’s Mike Cervantes consumes McDonald’s seasonal sandwich for the very first time. It was an experience.