New ‘Final Fantasy’ iPhone Game Is Totally, Completely, Ridiculously Out Of Control

Warning: your iPhone may cause seizures with this game. Maybe.

End Of Days

Everybody’s got an opinion and everybody’s fearful when Judgment Day comes. Daily Girth staffers offer their theories on the subject.


The end of the world … Team Girth discusses how it’s going to happen and are we ready for it?

Watch Osama Bin Laden Die … In Theaters

Kathryn Bigelow, the Oscar-winning director for “The Hurt Locker,” takes us along for a surprisingly intense ride: the greatest manhunt in history. We know the outcome, but it’s still an incredible film.

BK Puts An American Spin On Italian Food

Burger King steps up its culinary game with a Chicken Parmesan sandwich. It even has Chicken Basil Wraps now.

Underemployed? It’s Not That Bad, According To MTV

Between full time and unemployed we get “Underemployed,” the new comedy series that mixes laughs with sex, social awkwardness and somehow living in a bad ass pad despite not having health insurance.