Face Your Fears: The Mountie From Old-School WWF

The threat of the electrifying cattle prod could make any youngster want to stay away from a live wrestling event.

Photo coutesy of WWE

I have a confession to make … The Mountie scared me as a kid.

As a fan of the WWF, I feared going to a live event. Jacques Rougeau, one half of the Rougeau Brothers, used to be this bitch-ass tag team wrestler then in 1991 he turned into this tough guy who shocked wrestlers and fans with a cattle prod.

The Mountie would wield that cattle prod with reckless disregard. The speakers in the arena would blast the sound of electricity as the poor victim shook violently. Sometimes, wrestlers would froth at the mouth like this video of the Big Boss Man.

With his hard attitude, The Mountie could hang with WWF’s midcarders such as the Boss Man, Bret “the Hitman” Hart and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. His catchphrase was “The Mountie always gets his man.”

After victories he would beat his chest, screaming, “I am The Mountie!” Of course, he appeared a lot tougher with the shock stick, punishing defeated foes postmatch. Like I mentioned earlier, he shocked fans as well.

If I were to go to an event, what was to stop The Mountie from jumping the rail and shocking the hell out of me? I was deathly afraid of such a thing.

Luckily, I knew he could be stopped when the Boss Man got his revenge at SummerSlam 1991. The loser had to spend the night in jail. The Mountie lost then acted really bitch-like when he went into the slammer.

He even flipped off one of the officers at the jail, something very surprising during the WWF’s kid-friendly days. Here’s all the footage from that jail encounter.

Although The Mountie wasn’t as tough as I thought, the threat of that cattle prod kept me from pushing my parents to get me WWF tickets.

I got older and realized the cattle prod attacks weren’t real (although the Boss Man sold it very well). But back then, any time The Mountie’s music played I felt nervous for everyone, ‘cause at any time that fucking maniac could shock somebody. Here’s that dreadful theme, I doubt we’ll ever hear it again on an episode of “Monday Night Raw.”

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