Hail Tebow, Full Of Grace

The Jets’ backup quarterback is one of the most popular players in the league. The question must be asked: why?

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An NFL phenomenon took place last year. A running quarterback found success.

This guy often chucked lame-duck footballs that miraculously found their way into receivers’ hands. And the team won games.

At times, it seemed as if divine intervention guided the Denver Broncos to a playoff spot that they “earned.” The Broncos backed into the playoffs when the Oakland Raiders lost their final regular season game at home to the San Diego Chargers, a team they had beat on the road just two months prior.

Denver had a comfortable division lead in December, then lost three games in a row, including their season finale at home to the so-so Kansas City Chiefs. The Broncos scored just three points in that game.

Another miracle was granted in Denver’s Wild Card weekend game against the favored Pittsburgh Steelers. The quarterback who couldn’t pass somehow lofted a ball to Demaryius Thomas, who turned an 18-yard pass into an 80-yard touchdown, 11 seconds into overtime, the fastest game-winner in NFL history.

Welcome to the world of Tim Tebow, one of the most popular players in the NFL, but definitely not the most talented. He does the Lord’s work.

Tebowing, getting down on one knee and praying, became popular for its results (a 4-12 team improved to 8-8) and popular to mock. Tebow doesn’t hide the importance of religion in his life. He puts faith above all else, and no matter what you believe in, it has gained attention.

How else can you explain Tebow being so popular? It’s not for his play.

Looking at the numbers, Tebow is one of the worst passers in the NFL. He was the only quarterback to have a completion percentage under 50 percent (46.5, pathetically low for a starter). The kid’s got heart though and his faith is constant. In postgame interviews, he often thanks God for giving him the strength to do what he does, win or lose.

Tebow wasn’t even the starter at the beginning of last season. Had he brought his healing powers from the get-go, Denver might have been better than a .500 team. Then again, NFL defenses could have exposed him a lot earlier too. At one point, the Broncos won six games in a row last season.


Why didn’t opposing defenses just crowd the line of scrimmage?

That playoff game that Tebow won showed just how miraculous his play was; despite completing less than 50 percent (10 of 21), Tebow still finished with 316 yards.

The Lord only grants so many miracles, which is why Denver lost its next game, 45-10 in New England. Tebow was like a fallen angel, going nine of 26 for 136 yards.

With the acquisition of Peyton Manning, Denver had no need for an unreliable quarterback. Tebow was shipped to the New York Jets, where he can spread the Gospel in a much larger environment.

In his first interview, Tebow said he was excited about a billion times, although as quarterback, he shouldn’t. Starter Mark Sanchez is the man in New York.

That doesn’t mean Tebow won’t get his looks. He is a fearsome runner and Coach Rex Ryan has said he will get Wildcat opportunities.

Will Tebowing become even more prevalent? The Jets have a much better team on paper than the Broncos. And Tebow won’t have to shoulder the throwing load, just probable goal-line runs.

As the backup, will Tebow be less popular now or more because he’s playing in the Big Apple? Give it time. Meanwhile, the NFL world will have to say some prayers and show patience.

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