Martin Salazar


Salazar monitors numerous media outlets on a daily basis. His favorite publications and websites include Handyman, Complex, Nuts, the Los Angeles Times, The Onion,, and

His favorite food is Petrillo’s Pizza in San Gabriel, Ca. The pepperoni and sausage are so plentiful the cheese is barely visible. And the cheese is piled higher than the Triceratops turd in “Jurassic Park.”

Well, not really, but that thick mozzarella is a meal in itself.

A competitive softball player, Salazar has played in as many as three leagues at one time. He also loves to ride bikes.

One day he hopes to travel to Dubai and Japan.

Salazar enjoys watching the Los Angeles Kings and Los Angeles Dodgers. His favorite player is Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp.

Salazar has three Kemp jerseys, one of them from his minor league days playing for the Jacksonville Suns. He has met Kemp four or five times before or after Dodgers games.

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