Merry Christmas, Tito, Now Where’s Your Nintendo 64?

The holidays turn sour when a thief turns a potential surprise into a major Nintendo loss.

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In high school, there was this kid we nicknamed Tito, who as it turned out, came from a very poor family. His shoes were always caked in dirt. Tito kind of resembled Pig-Pen from the Peanuts Gang. We had no idea how poor he was until a sad holiday story revealed his tough situation.

The most surprising aspect of this story was that Tito went to school with us. Private school drains bucks from parents’ bank accounts, how the hell could Tito afford to sit in the same classroom as us?

I know my parents had a difficult time sending three kids to private school and I was thankful back then and even more thankful now that they did.

Poor Tito, his Christmases must have sucked ass. One year in particular brought a new low.

You see, the previous year, Tito’s parents were so strapped for cash that they collected his Nintendo 64, the controllers and all of his games, wrapped them up and re-gifted the console. Tito’s Christmas present was receiving all of the stuff he already had!

How fucked up was that?

The next year, Tito noticed his N64 and all the games were missing once again. December must have froze their small living quarters. Temperatures probably plundered into the 50s. Indoors. Who knows if they could afford a Christmas tree or maybe they were economical, purchasing a fake tree they’d create every year. All these hardships, Tito figured his mom and dad re-gifted the console.

Super Mario and all the other fun video games would be his again. After Dec. 25 though.

Christmas passed. Tito never re-received his N64. What happened? His parents gave him some shitty gift. They honestly didn’t touch the Nintendo.

After talking with some neighbors about his missing console, one of them informed him that they saw a stranger creeping out of their window a couple of weeks prior.

What the fuck, where was this info earlier?

No matter, even with that intel, Tito couldn’t have done anything about it. Only his hope would have been squashed had he known.

Tito never got his stuff back. Nobody ever knew what happened to that kid. He was a quiet student who got average grades. That Christmas turned out to be a real kick in the balls. I wish this had a happy ending, but sometimes Christmas isn’t fair.

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