Never Ever Buy A Beer For A Raging Douche

Miller Lite’s newest commercial highlights the stupidity of bar folks. But is anybody ever this idiotic?

The Hound, Mr. Easy and The Fixer walk into a bar …

It’s not the intro to a joke, it’s the beginning of a dumb-ass commercial.

Hey, Girl

Nobody’s Ever This Drunk

If a guy gets pissed off because you’re talking to his girlfriend, don’t buy him a beer. Or in this case, two. Nobody is ever so fucked up or so afraid that they’ll diffuse a minor situation by buying two beers.

Get a clue, Miller Lite.

So what if The Hound tries to talk up that breezy? That doesn’t mean her dickhead boyfriend should act like a fucking nut. Last time I checked, it wasn’t illegal to speak to somebody.

Mr. Easy tries to diffuse the Raging Douche, but it isn’t until The Fixer buys two beers that the situation calms.

Are you fucking kidding me?

This “Jersey Shore” stand-in gets all steamed up so you buy him and his hot GF a beer? Fuck that, only a bonehead would do that!

You go to a bar or club, two Miller Lites could cost you $16. Maybe more. Miller Lite, don’t insult beverage drinkers’ intelligence. Nobody will ever get so fucked up that they’ll buy some mean fuck a beer.

Miller Lite sucks as a beer too. So your commercials don’t work.

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