Omar Jimenez

Staff Writer
Jimenez began writing seriously when he became a staff writer for his high school newspaper during junior year. He is very philosophical, therefore, writing became a useful tool to thoroughly analyze his thinking before expressing his thoughts.

What made Jimenez even more interested was the therapeutic state of mind that writing placed in front of him. It was a form of emotional expression that allowed him to say what he wanted without necessarily being judged.

Jimenez’s favorite books include Ernest Hemingway’s “Garden of Eden,” Albert Camus’ “The Stranger,” and anything by Charles Bukowski. His favorite movies are ones that make him reflect on his own life and make him think, such as “Babel,” “21 grams” and foreign independent films such as “Incendies.”

Jimenez finds it extremely difficult not to find inspiration in even the simplest things. He feels very fortunate and any person who deals with adversity with hard work and perseverance is an ultimate inspiration for him.

Aside from that, family is a big deal to him. How his nephew and niece view him has a significant impact on what he does with his life, because he wants to be that role model to them, his family in general, his fiancee and his future children. Still, Jimenez’s father and mothers’ dedication to continuously live in order to provide a better life for himself and future family generations overrides any other aforementioned source of inspiration.

Jimenez usually writes for himself and to release emotions that would otherwise stay bottled in. He also writes to let those who he loves know exactly how he feel. Having an English degree forced him to hone his writing skills through extensive essay writing, but Jimenez’s true passion was to work with different forms of writing creatively.

When Jimenez is not writing he is exercising; he enjoys swimming, basketball, yoga, spinning and other mental and physically challenging activities. You will usually find him trying things he has never done before. Jimenez gets a thrill out of the unknown, he does not like to let others tell him what something is like and not trying it in order to find out for himself. Trying new foods, traveling, and going to shows or concerts is always intriguing and mentally stimulating.

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