Papa Del Xol

Design Director

Papa has been designing for more than a decade. He has worked on websites, fliers, and books.

“I get paid to do something I like,” he said.

Obviously, Papa is a gigantic fan of Batman. The Caped Crusader factors heavily into his life. He has T-shirts, hand-drawn posters by artists, figurines, and other Dark Knight merchandise in his Batcave.

Recently, Papa has been spoiled by the success of his favorite sports teams. His San Francisco Giants won the World Series two years ago. And the Denver Broncos went from a sorry team to a division winner thanks to the heroic play of Tim Tebow. And now that the immortal Manning has arrived, it’s a sure Super Bowl victory.

Praise the Lord, miracles do happen!

When things are going well (and even when they’re not), Papa enjoys the smooth taste of Jack Daniels. The whiskey is perfect after a hard-fought softball victory. Del Xol plays in leagues as often as he can.

The Batmobile isn’t enough for a playboy such as Del Xol. He rides his own non-Batman motorcycle throughout the town, hiding his secret identity in plain sight.

Papa has idolized the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, ever since he was a boy. He even had a white glove as a kid. Del Xol believes MJ’s music will live forever.

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