What baddies from the 1960s “Batman” show could make it in the modern Caped Crusader films? Daily Girth compiles a list of these villains, tune in now, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

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Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” films have featured smart, ruthless foes for the Dark Knight to test his skills against. These hostiles have been old (Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow) and new (Bane, Ra’s al Ghul).

The 1960s “Batman” show featured cartoon-like fight scenes complete with word bubbles straight out of a comic book. Any time someone got punched, POW! or some other word would light up the screen. The TV show was nowhere near as dark as the new “Batman” films, but that doesn’t mean these bad guys couldn’t make it in the mean streets of Gotham City.

Here is a list of ’60s baddies who could make the cut in new “Batman” movies.

The Penguin

One of the Big Four from the ’60s show, Penguin was rumored to be the antagonist of “The Dark Knight Rises.” In “Batman,” the 1966 film, Penguin teamed up with the Joker, Catwoman and the Riddler to try to eradicate the Caped Crusader and Robin.

Rumors started that Oscar winner Phillip Seymour Hoffman might get the role of Penguin, which would have been incredible. Penguin would fit in with the dark tone of modern “Batman” movies. We all know who the Penguin is, what skills he has and his importance in the “Batman” world.

The only problem with his character is that he has been portrayed as a dark outsider — quite well too — by Danny DeVito in “Batman Returns.”

The Riddler

All of Batman’s opponents are smart, but the Riddler could force Bruce Wayne to reveal himself. Or create a riddle that if unsolved, creates chaos in Gotham City. Riddler’s intelligence constantly keeps Batman thinking.

Johnny Depp rumors flew for this role in “The Dark Knight Rises.” That could have been problematic as Depp might have played it too flamboyant like Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Carribean.” That would be a major mistake as it would have been Jim Carrey acting loopy all over again in the less-than-stellar “Batman Forever.”

Riddler was never known as a tough guy and with a crafty guessing game, he wouldn’t have to be; the threat of destruction would more than compensate for lack of brawn. He would be like a terrorist and any unsolved riddle would cause more chaos for Gotham City. Blame would go toward Gotham’s most hated citizen, the vigilante in black.

Mr. Freeze

We have seen Dr. Victor Fries in a movie before. Unfortunately, he was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a laughably bad performance. “Batman & Robin” didn’t suck simply because of Arnold, but he sure didn’t help.

Mr. Freeze has the potential to be the most scary unused villain of all. He has the drive to cure his terminally ill wife. Freeze’s powers are dangerous because of the accident that forced him to wear the cryogenic suit. Of all of Batman’s foes, Mr. Freeze’s evil ways are the most justified: love for his wife.

A new incarnation of Mr. Freeze would be welcomed. Anything to get the stink off of Arnold’s performance.


A cowboy whose only powers were being good with a six shooter, Shame would be the perfect choice for a side villain.

His efficiency with a gun would be legendary. Maybe introduce him as a gun for hire. Batman’s problem would be that Shame is aiming to kill him and him only. No other crimes, just an assassin trying to kill whom Gotham perceives to be a vigilante. The police aren’t going to help Batman. What will Batman do, throw Shame in jail? Hell no, the cops will just attempt to help Shame if anything.

Shame doesn’t have to be dressed as a cowboy all the time. He could dress nicely in a suit or camoflage like a soldier, perhaps as one of Gotham’s many bums. Daniel Day Lewis in this role?


Played by Vincent Price (he was the evil voice in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”) in the 1960s, Egghead’s claim to fame was that he was smartest villain in the world.

His brain was too big for his head, hence the strangely shaped dome of his. In his initial appearance, Egghead stole Gotham City’s constitution and even found a loophole to expel Batman and Robin.

Other than being smart, nothing great distinguishes Egghead as a super villain. But hey, being the smartest villain in the world can certainly give Batman a hard time, right?

The Sandman

Don’t confuse this guy with the wrestler, Metallica song or the Thomas Haden Church character who embarrassed “Spider-Man 3.”

The Batman bad guy had the ability to control people using hypnotic sand. Why he needed the big fur coat remains a mystery.

More of a side villain, the Sandman’s control could prove useful. The Sandman himself has no identity so there is a hint of mystery to him. He only appeared in two “Batman” episodes so creative licenses must be taken to play this character up.

Lord Marmaduke Ffogg and Lady Penelope Peasoup

This brother-and-sister team appears to be aristocrats, but in reality they robbed upper-class folks. To bolster their conniving occupation, they run a girls finishing school that actually teaches young ladies how to be proper thieves.

These two aren’t dynamic enough to be lead villains. With their wealth they could easily fit in with the rich crowd Bruce Wayne surrounds himself with. Lady Penelope and Master Wayne would make a nice couple — you know Bruce loves the ladies. This would make a fine distraction for Ffogg to steal money, perhaps furthering the evil cause of a Penguin or Riddler for more nefarious purposes.

Ffogg escaped by manufacturing fog from the smoking pipe he carried around. Something like that might be too ridiculous in a modern “Batman” film. What if Ffogg created a machine to blind Batman and the police as to where they were going to loot? Or use such fog as a distraction to throw the Dark Knight off?

Don’t forget the complication of Lady Penelope. A woman can always throw Bruce Wayne off his game.

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