‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ Power Rankings: Week 1

It’s premiere week of the new anime reboot. What characters had an impact and which ones sucked?

Photo courtesy of Toei Animation

Time to rank the characters for “Sailor Moon Crystal.” The first episode is called “Usagi.”


1) Usagi / Sailor Moon: She’s just as clueless as the original. But her behavior is hilarious and will only get better as more characters are introduced. Some of her one-liners in the original were great — example: when Sailor Jupiter uses her Supreme Thunder attack for the first time, Sailor Moon replies, “Supreme Sundae?”


2) Luna: Still the voice of reason on this show, the talking cat is serious. Without her, this adventure wouldn’t unfold. No cat hijinks just yet.

3) Mamoru / Tuxedo Mask: As Tuxedo Mask, I found this guy lame in the original. In the premiere, he’s kind of useless. Hopefully, he gets more involved in the day-to-day fighting instead of just kicking back and tossing roses. Still, as an audience, we know this guy will play a major role simply by the way he and Usagi stare at each other when they first meet. Very memorable in episode one.

4) Jadeite: Not much in the premiere, but he’s definitely the most sinister character in this episode. You can just tell.


5) Haruna Sakurada: Usagi’s English teacher. I don’t remember her being so hot. Must be the new era of animation. This girl’s a real babe and she punks Usagi for being late to class. She gives Usagi her test back and it’s a lousy score: a 30.

6) Motoki: This cool guy is a part-time employee at the local arcade. He’s not a major character at all, but the fact that he works at an arcade is nostalgia at its finest. I miss arcades. Plus, he was the main focus in one of the most hilarious episodes of “Sailor Moon” of all time: “The Messy Square Relationship.”

7) Naru: Usagi’s friend. She’ll be around a lot, but she doesn’t do much.

8) Umino: This nerd always finds a way to muck things up. He’s such a tool, he gets a 95 on a test he didn’t really study for. I hated those brainy types. It’s OK to get good grades, but when you start boasting about it, especially in front of those who are struggling in class, then there’s a special place in hell for them.

9) Usagi’s mom: She is quite skilled at punking Usagi as well. In this episode she locks her daughter out of the house for getting a low test score. Ha ha.

10) Shingo: Usagi’s younger brother. I never liked this guy either. He always bad mouthed Usagi. Never received his comeuppance. I hope that changes.


11) Naru’s mom: Yup, she’s the dreaded monster of the week in episode one, just like the original. Monsters of the week sucked hard.

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