‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ Power Rankings: Week 2

Two new characters are introduced. Where do they rank?

Photo courtesy of Toei Animation

Time to rank the characters for “Sailor Moon Crystal.” The second episode is called “Ami — Sailor Mercury.”


No S-Tier characters this week.


Tie-1) Usagi / Sailor Moon: She’s a funny goofball who gets bad grades and still can’t get the high score on the “Sailor V” video game. Nothing memorable in this episode, but she gets the most screen time.

Tie-1) Ami / Sailor Mercury: I wanted to crown her No. 1 in the rankings. Her character, however, is so downtrodden, the best she can get is a tie for first. Ami’s constant studying and lack of friends makes her simply sad. The appearance of Sailor Mercury changes the game in the “Sailor Moon” universe; now, Usagi has an ally in the fight against Dark Kingdom. Don’t worry, Ami, I’m sure No. 1 will be within your reach one of these episodes.


3) Queen Beryl: Here we go. The No. 1 antagonist on the show is finally revealed. Her fingernails are like claws. She’s pulling the strings. Who knows what evil lurks in Queen Beryl’s heart? Her screen time was short, however, now we have a face to attach to the leader of Dark Kingdom.

4) Monster of the Week (Computer Instructor): Much more fierce than the monster in episode 1, this baddie is impervious to Sailor Moon’s sonic wave scream attack (totally underutilized in the original). Too bad she was just a Monster of the Week.

5) Mamoru / Tuxedo Mask: He saves the day! But why the hell is Mamoru still wearing a tuxedo during the day? Whatever happened to him putting on strange jumpsuits and rocking pants that not even a rock star would go near?

6) Luna: The talking cat is still serious. “Sailor Moon” was always at its funniest when Luna does something funny and gets into shenanigans.

7) Mysterious Brunette: She shows up at the very end of episode 2. And it’s no mystery to real fans. Sailor Mars is on the horizon.

8) Jadeite: Even a character who’s on screen for a second and has no lines ranks higher than this guy. This was the downfall of Jadeite in the original — he just kicks back while his monsters fail. Jadeite levels up later in the original series, but by then it’s too late.


9) Motoki: He’s just kind of here and not nearly as desirable for Usagi as in episode 1.

10) Naru: Not very effective in this episode.

11) Umino: I hate you, Umino.

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