‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ Power Rankings: Week 3

Feel the power of Sailor Mars.

Photo courtesy of Toei Animation

Time to rank the characters for “Sailor Moon Crystal.” The third episode is called “Rei — Sailor Mars.”


1) Rei / Sailor Mars: She’s not afraid of Jadeite or any evil. Sailor Mars has a strong opening episode. Moon and Mercury praise her for being so beautiful. They really have girlcrushes on Rei. And why not? When she’s Sailor Mars, she rocks pumps that girls usually wear to a club.


2) Jadeite: Finally, he gets his hands dirty. No Monster of the Week. This guy is ruthless as he is the one behind the disappearing bus. Jadeite has hostages — hostages! — waiting in his lair. There were never hostages in “Sailor Moon” before.

3) Usagi / Sailor Moon: Her presence is enough to confuse Rei, who senses danger, into thinking she’s an enemy. Well, trouble, at least. Rei is right, Usagi is trouble, but in a comical, good way.


4) Mamoru / Tuxedo Mask: Instead of wearing a tuxedo during the day, he wears a suit! Much more fashionable. We can tell there’s something brewing between him and Usagi. It’s subtle, but it’s there.

5) Ami / Sailor Mercury: Helps Luna figure out where Usagi and Rei are — the Demon Bus got lost in a wall. No, really.

6) Queen Beryl: The No. 1 bad guy reveals what the Silver Crystal can do. Basically control the universe, that’s all.

7) Luna: Helps Ami figure out where Usagi is located.

8) Nephrite: Chastises Jadeite for making weak Monsters of the Week. “They’re made of clay,” he says.

9) Zoisite: He just makes an appearance. At one point, Jadeite, Nephrite and Zoisite are all in the same room. Could they all work together at one point?


10) Umino: This guy is like the leftover turd that won’t go down the toilet.

11) Mii: A kid who gets lost on the “Demon 6 p.m. Bus.” Eh.

12) Annoying Shrine Visitors: They are annoying. But kind of attractive.

13) Mii’s Mom: She has one line. At least she doesn’t scold her kid.

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