‘Star Wars’ And The Hype Of Movie Premieres

It’s time to get rowdy for Episode VII.

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Do you feel it? The insane nerd hype that is “Star Wars?” Better get ready. Depending on how old you are, your parents and perhaps your grandparents went through the hype starting in 1977. And now, in 2015, the hype awakens with the newest installment of the space opera.

Honestly, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is a movie I thought we would never see. It’s here, the seventh episode of a series removed from the clutches of its creator, George Lucas. I try to stay away from any talk of any new movie, but so far, I hear that Episode VII is good. Really good.

Director J.J. Abrams has been involved with numerous A-list projects including the recent “Star Trek” films, “Mission: Impossible,” “Armageddon,” and the TV shows “Lost” and “Alias.” But nothing will give him as much cred as resurrecting the “Star Wars” franchise.

The nerd energy of “Star Wars” is already ingrained in pop culture. Darth Vader’s menacing name and look is synonymous with something evil. You want to associate something bad with someone or something, stick a Darth in front of it. Hell, I wish Darth Maul from Episode I was still around, that guy was cool as hell. We’ll never see a better lightsaber. Never.

If you want to call someone the very best at what they do, give them a Jedi title. Luke Skywalker was just some pissy kid in the first installment. By the end of Episode VI, he was a certified badass, a true Jedi.

Part of the fun of watching a “Star Wars” movie (or any big premiere) is seeing it with other fans, rabid fans. People who know their shit. You don’t have to dress up to be credible. But it doesn’t hurt.

I have sat in lines for hours — not days, what am I, a fucking moron, who does that? If you wait days or weeks in line to see a movie you’re not hardcore, you’re a fucking idiot. There’s a lot of fun and camaraderie in watching a movie with a great community of fans.

The yelling and hype pre-movie enhance the experience much better than casually strolling in, getting overpriced popcorn and simply sitting down.

Years ago, when Lucas came out with special edition versions of Episodes I, II and III, there was a massive line to get in to see them. A foolish guy drove by the line and asked, “Is this the line for ‘Star Wars?’”

“No, it’s for fucking ‘Metro,’” a sarcastic fan replied. Doubtful that Eddie Murphy would bring such crowds together.

So get ready. Be ready. Get hyped! The Force is back. Hopefully, we’ll be treated to memorable “Star Wars” moments for years to come. People still argue today whether Han Solo shot Greedo first (here’s a clue, who gives a fuck, just enjoy the movies, that shit is really trivial). I still can’t believe Yoda fought — and fought well — in Episode II. That fucker could barely move in the original movies. In the prequels he was younger, but still old and slow as fuck. Yet here he was, giving Count Dooku all he could handle. Handle it, Yoda. Handle it.

Start up the Princess Leia fantasies. Duel with your toy lightsabers. Make weird Chewbacca noises. It’s all acceptable.

“Star Wars” is back and better than ever, hopefully. One thing about today’s geek films is that they have to amaze, yet still remain faithful to the original material. I have faith in the Force.

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