Super Bowl XLVIII Observations: Pete’s The Man, What Now For Denver And Optimus Prime Rides Grimlock

The big game was a big blowout so what do we take from the biggest sporting event of 2014?

Photo courtesy of the NFL | Daily Girth

Super Bowl XLVIII was not the incredible game everybody had hoped for. The Seattle Seahawks owned the Denver Broncos all four quarters, winning their first Super Bowl by the score of 43-8, mercifully ending what we all knew at halftime.

It was unusual to see the Broncos outplayed so badly, especially with Peyton Manning leading the way. All of the credit must go to one man: Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll. To the dismay of all USC fans, it looks like Pete made the right move.

Yes, he got the hell out of Dodge at the right time (the Trojans were nailed with ridiculously harsh and questionable sanctions) and four years later, the Seahawks have won the Super Bowl. Think about that for a second. The Seahawks, the fucking Seahawks are the world champs. Is this Bizarro World?

For years, well actually, forever, Seattle was the doormat of the NFL. Even when they somehow slipped into Super Bowl XL, you knew they had no chance. Seattle went 13-3 in 2005, damn, how bad was the NFC that year? Even an average Pittsburgh team was favored in the championship. The Steelers won, 21-10.

Carroll’s team not only won, it dominated. Four years ago, nobody would have saw this coming. Sure, maybe the Seahawks would improve some, but winning the Super Bowl? Come on, man.

USC misses Carroll, but his decision to leave has now been vindicated. His rah-rah, defensive mentality got the players to buy in. And here we are.

Meanwhile, Manning’s Super Bowl record fell to 1-2. Where do the Broncos go from here? Manning isn’t getting any younger. But what can Denver do? The Broncos were a powerhouse team that got whipped when it counted the most. It’s not like you can point to one position and get the free agents to get back to the Super Bowl.

With the game being a laugher all the way through, the commercials became a much better alternative to focus attention on. Perhaps the biggest movie of the summer will be “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

Whoa, was that Optimus Prime riding on Grimlock? The tyrannosaurus robot was never that big. Oh, well, the action looks intense. Shit will blow up, be happy.

Aaron Paul will star in “Need for Speed,” a film that appears to be a poor man’s “Fast and the Furious.” Could you imagine if this was a continuation of “Breaking Bad,” in which Jesse Pinkman speeds off and ends up in this movie?

And who could forget this RadioShack commercial featuring Hulk Hogan, Alf, Chucky the doll and other 1980s characters?

It is amazing that RadioShack is still in business. That store hasn’t been relevant since the 1990s. Radioshack never had video game systems, never featured big TVs or movies, how the fuck did it survive Fry’s, Best Buy and other stores that sold functional electronics?

Oh, and Butterfinger peanut butter cups sound incredible.

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