Taco Bell Piles The Meat High In No-BS Fashion

Pay no attention to the Triple Steak Stack commercial; you don’t get that much meat. Then again, you wouldn’t be able to eat all of it anyway.

Mike Cervantes | Daily Girth

Yup, Taco Bell really tried to stack the steak in its newest niche item. Judging from the commercial, your purchase would net you a behemoth portion of meat and a lactose-intolerant inducing serving of cheese.

You do get an unhealthy amount of steak and triple cheese blend in the Triple Steak Stack. The only way you will feel cheated is if you compare the initial size to what you see in the commercial. Otherwise, the Stack is a perfectly hearty meal. Notice I said hearty, ‘cause it sure as fuck isn’t healthy.

This is rib-sticking food, that’s for sure. Although the Stack has 690 calories (modest for a large fast food choice), you will taste the sodium. During and after finishing your Taco Bell. I’ll never be one to criticize for bad food — remember, this is a fast food review — but the sodium content is through the fucking roof. Taco Bell’s website says one Stack contains 1,950 milligrams of sodium. That’s about enough for an adult in one day.

Enough about the death-causing statistics. The Stack is tasty. If it’s unhealthy, you better believe it tastes good. Steak, cheese and flatbread. No filler such as sauce, lettuce or tomato. There is so much steak and cheese, the flatbread can’t handle it.

The bread gets soggy, kind of like a French dip sandwich. But it holds strong. Never will it fall apart.

As long as Taco Bell continues to sell the Stack at this size it should remain on the menu.

Recommend: Yes

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