The Black Suits Are Here Again … Why?

“Men in Black III” hits the theaters this week. It’s a sequel that nobody was begging for, however, Will Smith can make it work.

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Don’t ever bet against Will Smith. When it comes to summer blockbusters, Smith can bring it like no other actor. His track record is unparalleled. Even his misses have been moderate successes.

Now, the second sequel to “Men in Black” will debut on Friday, hopeful that it can dethrone the current Hollywood heavyweight, “The Avengers.” One film crashed and burned like a broken-down MIB spaceship (“Battleship”). It’s “MIB III’s” turn during this three-day Memorial Day weekend and with Smith leading the charge, this film should reign supreme.


The “MIB” franchise is ancient in the fast-paced movie biz that demands bigger, brighter sequels with younger stars. The last film was released in 2002.

If a studio is going to revive a property from a decade ago, it’s a great idea to go with the cast that got it going. No reboot, no sequel with a bunch of unknowns. Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back as J and K in another alien adventure that takes place in the past.

Does “MIB” still have the same juice to convince audiences to show up at the theater? Good thing it waited three weeks to challenge “The Avengers.” I honestly don’t know if it would be strong enough to claim No. 1 at the box office if it had the “Battleship” slot of last weekend.

I’m not pumped about this movie. I feel obliged to watch it since it’s a summer blockbuster. I’m hoping that it’s good. Smith is always good, even when his movies aren’t. “Hancock” wasn’t the best superhero film, yet Smith kicked ass. “I Am Legend” was a great film, but didn’t make the kind of dough typical Smith movies generate.

Honestly, I never thought “MIB” deserved a sequel. Surprisingly, one of Smith’s biggest movies never got a sequel: “Independence Day.”

Who can forget the epic explosions, fast-paced action and sheer craziness of powerful, mean-as-hell aliens tearing up the world? “ID4” was a perfect example of a popcorn flick done well. The charisma of Smith was enough to actually believe we had a chance to defeat those green fuckers in the sky. Sure there were campy moments like any scene with Randy Quaid or Jeff Goldblum’s crazy dad.

“ID4” never got the sequel it deserved. Yet three “MIB” movies now exist.

If Smith weren’t in this film, it would have zero chance to succeed. Remember when they tried to make a new “Dumb & Dumber” movie without Jim Carrey? I wonder who the genius was who thought that would fly?

There are no new major stars added to the franchise like Johnny Knoxville and Lara Flynn Boyle in the previous sequel.

I’m pulling for this film to do well simply because it seemed as if Smith was done with these tentpole movies. Nobody does big budget movies like Smith does. Now about that “ID4” sequel …

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