The Most Unlikely Valentine’s Day Song

You probably won’t hear 2nd II None with your significant other on Feb. 14.

If your Valentine’s Day soundtrack includes Sade, Jodeci or some other stereotypical shit, that’s fantastic. Only the truly ballsy — or stupid — would include 2nd II None’s “If You Want It.”

A quick listen of the lyrics include, “I love me some hoes, you know I got these young girls/Aiming for this fishing pole/When I stick it to you, girl, you’ll be happy” or classic lines perfect for seduction such as, “It ain’t the length or the width, it’s the way I work it/And like he said, girl, I’m-a jerk, jerk, jerk it.”

How about this: “It ain’t nothing but meat on a bone/You can stroke it or choke it or leave it alone/Ain’t nothing wrong with group sessions/Yeah, baby, you know, sexing.”

So if you want a slap to the face or knee to the groin then by all means, include 2nd II None’s booty-call ballad. You might like a little S&M.

Shit, your significant other might genuinely like this song. That’s a keeper.

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