The Road To Daily Girth

The (r)Evolution of News and Media takes the first step in its journey.

Drawing by The Rolomite; Concept by Death Dealer and Mike Cervantes | Daily Girth

We have arrived.

We’re here to cause a stir, like the Invasion of Normandy, the Infiltration of Shinra Tower, the Battle of Hoth or the Fall of Cybertron.

To paraphrase Roddy Piper from the ’80s film “They Live,” “We have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass … and we’re all out of bubblegum.”

Starting this website wasn’t easy. The road to Daily Girth contained extensive potholes, immense obstacles, epic delays, false assistance and massive challenges.

This online publication doesn’t have corporate backing. Our team is small, but talented. We don’t have a ton of writers, a team of artists or office space. We’re like the mom and pop restaurant that makes bomb-ass food, scratch made, always unique. Our restaurant doesn’t have microwaves or heating pans. Daily Girth cooks up that delectable gourmet shit.

We will always work our asses off to write the best stories, draw the best artwork and present the best possible website experience for DG visitors.

There is something for everyone here. Strong opinions on society, politics and the world can be found in the Commentary section. See what’s what in movies, music and pop culture in Entertainment. NBA, NFL, MLB, other pro and college ball, we got it covered in Sports.

And introducing The Funnies, a section that’s well, funny. Amusement is guaranteed. Guffaws are probable. Blushing is possible.

No subject is taboo in The Funnies. No language is too foul. Like the word fuck. See, we just said it.

Which brings up the Rating Box next to the byline at the top of the story. Like a movie or TV show, scroll your mouse over the box to see if the story is age appropriate.

One thing is for sure: you will be entertained. Whether it’s the expert writing, stunning art or YouTube videos on the site.

We have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass … and we’re all out of bubblegum.

You will be entertained. And we won’t have to throw swords or kill rivals like Maximus in “Gladiator.”

The DG staff has grown like a team from a role playing video game. It started with Editor in Chief Mike Cervantes, then the Rolomite, Death Dealer and Papa del Xol joined up. We have expanded slightly more members, who knows where this could go?

World domination could be next. Well, at the very least we will be the (r)Evolution of News and Media.

Watch out for Team Girth ‘cause we’re as hard as they come and no one does it like we do.

Navigating through the windy road to Daily Girth was complex. It brought countless detours and took us in sometimes random directions.

The following may or may not have happened throughout the course of preparation for DG: ignoring rigid deadlines, habitual or ritual drug use, late-night design sessions, stealing from major corporations, contemplating suicide, kangaroo fights to the death, marathon writing stints, hardcore laziness, medieval midget orgies, 15 rounds of kickboxing using resin gloves covered in glass, obsessive compulsive website planning, metaphorically flushing money down the toilet, receiving crank calls late at night, making crank calls late at night, breaking the universe, transcending space and time, taking flakers’ names in vain, 60-minute iron man matches, late-night runs to the liquor store, flights to the next dimension, tagging on walls, 16-round races, compulsive swearing, impulsive rape and breaking the universe a second time.

Daily Girth is a drug, get hooked. But not crack-addict-with-messed-up-teeth-and-super-skinny-body hooked. That’s never fun. Remember boys and girls, crack is wack, but Daily Girth will amp you up without all the wear and tear on your body and maybe even enlighten you along the way.

Read us. Embrace us. Love us. We’ll do the same to you and even stay for breakfast in the morning.

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