The Rolomite

Graphic Artist Editor

When the Rolomite was in kindergarten, he drew the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” blimp then had his mom make copies. He gave some classmates the copies and more than a decade later in high school those guys still remembered that terrific “Ninja Turtles” blimp.

Art projects were just easy for Rolo as a kid. He never had any formal training. Any assignments that had to do with art, drawing lines or being creative would be a simple task and always resulted in an A grade.

“There were guys who were book smart, but for me drawing was easy,” he said.

The Rolomite drew inspiration from Marvel Comics characters, most notably an old “X-Men” issue he got as a kid.

“That made me want to draw. Marvel drawing was the best back in the day,” the Rolomite said.

Other influences included Capcom video games, especially the “Mega Man” series; “Power Rangers”; “Transformers”; “Earthworm Jim”; the ‘90s “X-Men” cartoon; and the anime series “Dragon Ball Z,” “Sailor Moon,” “Ronin Warriors” and “Samurai Pizza Cats.”

The Rolomite’s son really liked “Super Mario Bros.” so Rolo drew Mario on his wall. “I thought he looked lonely so I thought, ‘You know what, just go for it.’”

He ended up drawing more than a dozen characters from the “Mario Bros.” universe on two walls. It featured entire backgrounds complete with warp zones, hills, castles and bridges. It took about 40 or 50 hours to complete.

He has also worked on double doors for a work colleague. The carefully detailed piece consisted of classic movie stars such as Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Lucille Ball, Ricky Ricardo and Dean Martin. Rolo has also drawn Justin Bieber on a wall.

When he’s not creating masterpieces, the Rolomite loves being a father to his two boys, living life to the fullest, watching Los Angeles Lakers games and just kicking it.

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