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Peyton Manning is the NFL’s MVP once again. He’s looking to solidify his place as the greatest quarterback of all time.

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Seriously, what more does Peyton Manning have to do? He owns like every passing record (not interceptions, you don’t want that). Manning has already established himself as an all-time great.

But multiple Super Bowls have eluded him. Yeah, he got that one against the Bears, but his Colts stumbled against a very good New Orleans Saints squad in Super Bowl XLIV. This is Manning’s third shot, some say he needs to win it to solidify his status.


Brett Favre got a pass with winning just one. Tom Brady has had much more success than Manning, but from a numbers standpoint, nobody can touch Manning. The truth is that Manning is up against himself. And his legacy.

Nobody has won five NFL MVPs. Nobody has thrown 55 touchdowns in a season and racked up 5,477 yards. Nobody has won two Super Bowls with two different teams at quarterback. The most glamorous and scrutinized position in sports carries a lot of weight. And Manning bears that weight.

Remember, the Indianapolis Colts dumped Manning because of his neck injury and age. Redemption is here just two years later. Before Manning led the charge in Denver, the Broncos had built a strong team capable of making a deep playoff run. Tim Tebow, the most overrated and perhaps worst passer in NFL history, was the Bronocs quarterback back then. Yes, he heaved a lucky throw to win a playoff game, but how was that next game against the New England Patriots?

With Manning in charge, Denver is a win away from greatness. The Broncos haven’t been this successful since the late 1990s. Can Manning deliver for his team and himself?

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