What A Rush

Richard Sherman leads the Seahawks’ tough defense. But he’s made himself into a villain of sorts.

The Rolomite | Daily Girth

Ever since Richard Sherman tipped a pass intended for Michael Crabtree he’s been singled out as a bad guy.

Sherman was just doing his job. And jabbing Crabtree in the process. Crabtree isn’t a “sorry receiver,” but up against Sherman, he appears that way.

People may not like it, but Sherman is probably the best defensive player in the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks are in Super Bowl XLVIII because Sherman leads the Legion of Boom — what the secondary calls themselves — in spectacular defensive displays every week.

The Legion of Boom’s hard-hitting mentality make receivers think twice about running routes across the middle. But Sherman could find that his numbers may suffer in the future.

And that would be a good thing. Like Deion Sanders, Nnamdi Asomugha and Darrelle Revis, Sherman might see little action from quarterbacks. They just won’t throw his way.

Will Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning test Sherman? If Manning doesn’t have success against him, what other quarterback will?

The chip on the Seahawks’ shoulders is apparent. Sherman personifies the swagger that Seattle plays with. With his postgame outburst to Erin Andrews, Sherman made himself into a different type of wrestling villain. All of a sudden, he morphed from Legion member to nWo baddie. Where’s his black and white gear?

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